Trinity Spiral School is a newborn institution; the real history will begin once your kid starts experiencing our commitment to his wellbeing. However, we can tell you about the roots that are supporting the school. My name is Martha Paez Valbuena, I grew up in Colombia, South America. I'm a certified Speech Pathologist from the Universidad del Rosario. I hold a Certificate in Education (K-6) and a License as Speech Pathologist Assistant in the State of Texas. I also have a masters degree in Neuropsychology applied in Education. During all these years I have worked with kids in different settings that have given me great experience in the public education school system, special education, private education and clinical practice. The broad spectrum of my experience also includes working with different socio-economic status and cultures.

I always had a dream to build a school, but not a “normal” school. I remember spending hours with colleges and friends, telling them about my peculiar and unusual ideas. For many years, my dream remained only as that, a dream. My first son, diagnosed with ADHD, started to have a very difficult time in school. We knew he was a very smart kid and we were convinced we would be able to help him with hard work and the school's commitment to help a kid who struggled academically. After one year of working with the school, we experienced dissatisfying results, losing faith on the system but never on our kid who today has become a very confident and successful student. All the things that we did at home to help him be a happy successful kid, inspired me to make my dream a reality.

I truly believe our schools have to start thinking less on the academics and more on other skills that will make children feel confident and know that they have a purpose in life, where to be the smartest kid does not necessarily mean high performance in academic subjects. Trinity Spiral School strives to provide that foundation and through our excellent Project-Based approach we are sure we will be able to provide your kid excellent education, happiness and a wholesome development.  From now on, we hope we can start adding paragraphs to our school story in which you and your child are the main characters.